Wednesday 5 June 2013

The sun sets on the pub

Here are a couple of pictures taken in today’s elegiac evening sunlight of the Four Heatons pub just down the road from me, which has now been closed for over two years. Compare it with these shots taken when it had recently shut. All the signage has been removed, boarding replaced with metal sheets and the balustrade has started to crumble away.

Planning permission has now gone through for it to be demolished and replaced by a small Co-op supermarket with flats above, so it shouldn’t be with us for that much longer.

It may not look the most appealing of pubs, but I’ve had plenty of good times in there over the years.


  1. My old local when I lived in Newcastle-under-Lyme was flattened about 3 years ago. Only took 6 months from closure to it being wiped off the map.

    The Oxford Arms, May Bank in better days

    The Oxford Arms, May Bank in the process of being knocked down

    I moved away in 2007. Was very surprised when I visited in early 2011 and found empty ground where it used to be. Still, glad I wasn't there to see it happen.

  2. I've got that on Closed Pubs here.

    There are a lot of Potteries pubs on there as at least three people have sent suggestions in.

  3. I actually lived in that nearby Victorian housing.

    I didn't go in that often. Sometimes had a pint while hauling the shopping home from the nearby Asda (where I also works). Wasn't a splendid place, but wasn't a dive either.

  4. I hate this. So far, technology with social media has supplanted the pub as the meeting place. It is indicative of a culture in decline. Not just in the UK but here in the US as well.

  5. Chin up Mudge, you'll have good times there again. Just think of the joy of spotting some cheap grog advertised in the window of the CoOp.

  6. I don't think cheap grog and the Co-op really go together - for a supposedly "people-friendly" business it's a rip-off. The independent convenience store on the way to the Nursery is a much better bet for cheap grog, and also doesn't involve going up and down a steep hill.

  7. I had a girlfriend who once was the licensee of the Moss Rose, so I too have fond memories of it.

  8. Apparently the latest report is that it's going to become a Morrisons M-Local, which is a great improvement on a Co-op. At least I'll be able to get my copies of Nuts magazine there.


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