Friday, 4 February 2011

Bargain of the week

My local Tesco are currently selling Tesco Finest American Double IPA at just £1 for a 330ml bottle (usually £1.99). This 9.2% ABV beer is believed to be a rebadged version of BrewDog Hardcore IPA. It’s an unflinchingly bitter beer, but there’s plenty in the flavour mix as well as vast quantities of hops. It could be said to be the beer world’s equivalent of Islay malt whiskies like Laphroiag. To be honest, to me it’s more a beer to be respected than enjoyed, but even so at that price it can’t be resisted. It’s a mere 33p a unit, which will make Don Shenker splutter into his sarsaparilla, but I can’t see many tramps swapping it for their Tennent’s Special. You have to wonder whether its uncompromising character has put many drinkers off and led to Tesco discounting it.


  1. Was there any mention on the shelf of end of line or just a regular discount?

    This is one of my favourite beers and I particularly like the Old Engine Oil, opps I mean Tradional Porter.

    Might see if I can get myself to Tesco tomorrow before it all goes...

  2. guess I'll be making an unplanned shopping trip tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Not sure if it's in every Tesco - this was in Stockport - but worth a look if you like it.

    @Baron Orm - I didn't spot any indication of how long the offer was likely to last.

  4. I saw the same offer in Kingston Park, Newcastle, but they had run out :-(

  5. yea, hope it is, checked online and it's a deal there for delivery too FYI

  6. Had it in the Llandudno Junction one when I was last over but visits to Tiverton have been totally fruitless, to me one of the best BD beers

  7. We haven't got a Tesco near us unfortunately, so I haven't had the pleasure of trying this one.

  8. Managed to pick up 4 bottles this afternoon. Had one with tea - may have to go back and try to get some more before the offer finishes, it's fab!


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