Saturday, 15 October 2011

The 2.8% solution

Don’t let anyone tell you that Sam Smith’s aren’t on the ball – the other day I was in one of their pubs and spotted a little sticker on the font for the keg dark mild saying “Alc. Vol. 2.8%”. I think it was previously only 3.0%, so that won’t make much difference to the drinking experience. I wonder if they’ve dropped the price or are keeping the duty saving for themselves. Has anyone else spotted a 2.8% beer on sale in a pub since the duty cut? For that matter, has anyone spotted a pub offering to sell you beer in a two-thirds pint “schooner”?


  1. Went to a Fullers pub today but no sign of their 2.8% beer.

  2. I wish Carlsberg, Sam Smiths et al would stop cow towing to the Government,,,,they are playing into their hands :(

  3. I hardly think reducing a 3.0% ABV mild that sells to a handful of old blokes to 2.8% and thus halving the duty is really kow towing to the Government.

  4. A Sherlock Holmes reference in the title of this post?

  5. JW Lees are doing "Golden Lite" and "Greengate Lite" although won't be rushing to try either of them.

  6. JW Lees' bottled Brewers Dark is now 2.8%. Still costs a quid at Morrisons though!!!


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