Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Trundling down the slope

The latest edition of the UK Quarterly Beer Barometer produced by the BBPA confirms the trend of the past two quarters, with a continued steady decline in on-trade beer sales, although not as steep as those often seen over the preceding three years. Over the past year, they are down by 5.2%, compared with an average of 7.4% in 2008-2010. This is more a steady trundle down a slope than a precipitate fall off a cliff. However, even this will lead to a halving of the figure in thirteen years.

Off-trade sales, which are always much more affected by seasonal fluctuations, are down by 3.6% in the year, although slightly up compared with the year to June 2011. The overall beer market is 4.4% down, which no doubt will give Don Shenker some cause for celebration. This may defer the arrival of the “tipping point” when off-trade sales exceed the on-trade, as the retailers seem to have largely passed on the recent duty increase, which has perhaps slowed the rate of change.


  1. Just been listening to a chap called Steve Morris from the 'The Alcohol Academy' being interviewed on LBC.
    As far as he is concerned (and no doubt his funding) drinking is on the up and a little blip in booze sales is nothing.
    Interesting that he has had his boozy uni culture with subsidized drinks days but doesn't want anyone else to have it.

  2. Nothing worse, Anon, than a former boozer who has seen the light. The same applies to smokers: an ex-girlfriend was also an ex-smoker and the most rabid anti-smoker I knew. I didn't agree with some of her more extreme pronouncements. A few years ago when I bumped into her, she was smoking. I made some comment about the hard time she'd given smokers, and she had the grace to look rueful.


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