Monday 10 October 2011

Bringing it all back home

A wide spread of responses to this poll on how much off-trade beer people drank. There was 75 replies, of whom 6 did not drink beer at all. Of those who did, 29 (42%) either did not drink at home at all, or only drank the odd bottle. 18 (26%) drank between 3 and 10 bottles or cans, 13 (19%) between 11 and 20, and 11 (16%) over 20. Mind you, assuming that’s all you drink, it’s only an average of 3 pints a day. Not sure whether it really illuminates anything, though.


  1. Drinking at home is for the real
    sad insular dodgy loners
    drinking in near empty health farms
    surrounded by whiskered wallies,
    teachers in overalls,Dr Who fans,
    po faced clerks and other assorted
    middle earth folk
    After 45 years (7 nights a week)of
    bar propping up,I kicked the
    pathetic trade into touch when
    Schhhhh you know when
    Dare'nt say ,might upset the nannymen.

    Prost oder Skol eure Wahl

  2. Thus, Anon, converting yourself into a complete loner!

  3. I put down 1-2 because I have one bottle each Friday, when I always have chilli for dinner. The other six days I drink wine. Prior to the smoking ban I went to the pub once or twice a week.


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