Saturday 22 October 2011

Crisis, what crisis?

According to the Portman Group, “alcohol consumption continues to decline, in a trend that has been continuing since the early to mid-2000s”.

The report found that consumption per adult head of population is 10.2 litres – 11% lower than the 2004 peak of 11.5 litres.

The average number of units consumed per week by those who drink is continuing to fall from 18.7 for men and nine for women in 2006, to 16.3 and eight respectively in 2009 – well within the government’s guidelines.

The proportion of men and women drinking hazardously – more than 50 or 35 units per week respectively – peaked in 2000 and has been declining since 2002.

The proportion of pupils who had drunk alcohol in the past week was 13% – its lowest level since records began in 1998.
So what is it that you were bleating about, Mr Shenker?


  1. Surely that can't be right PC? Surely we are a nation of alcoholic smokers that tend to eat too much?

    Or did I just read that somewhere.

  2. But according to the Daily Mail ( we're all heading for an early grave!

  3. So drinking has been in decline before the smoking ban came into force? Shock man bites dog moment for many of your readers...

  4. Not a man bites dog moment for me. There is a downward trend in alcohol consumption. Independent of that, drinking switched from pubs to homes after the smoking ban. Since the same behaviour was observed in Scotland and Ireland, it wasn't a coincidence


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