Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rat leaves sinking ship

The Board of Alcohol Concern has announced a restructuring of its senior management following the loss of core funding, with the role of the CEO becoming part time for a year alongside the recruitment of a full time Director of Fundraising and Campaigning.

This means that after more than six years at Alcohol Concern, of which three and a half year have been as Chief Executive, Don Shenker has decided to leave the organisation in order to take a full time position elsewhere.
Crack open a bottle!

Perhaps SIBA will make up the missing funding.


  1. Dear God,

    I will put up with losing my job. I will put up with a global economic catastrophe. I will put up with living in a post-Apocalyptic wasteland where we must eat human flesh to survive.

    But please, please, PLEASE.... Let ASH be next. And cut their funding completely.

    I can then gnaw on my neighbour's thigh bone happy that there is some good in the world....

    wv = refeade

  2. I just hope no bastard from this outfit tries rattling a tin under my nose!

  3. I am seriously concerned about where he will turn up next though. I hope it is somewhere we can keep an eye on him.

  4. Anyone got any idea who provided this "core funding" which has now been withdrawn? I know it probably came from our taxes but I would be interested to find out which limp-wristed body finally found (or was forced to find) enough backbone to take away Don's meal ticket.

  5. It's little things like this that lighten one's life so very greatly, isn't it? :)

  6. Should have looked this up myself first! AC gets (or got) £400,000 per annum from the Dept of Health. This was set to be reduced by 25% in 2010-11 but the notes to the a/cs seem to envisage further cuts if not a total withdrawal of the grant. Bring it on!

  7. Nice to see his commitment there too, isn't it? While bloggers, libertarians and the like fight ceaselessly against prodnosery, busibodiness, and "health fascism with no admin staff, no assistants and no money, the likes of Schenker, once his cash is withdrawn, just fucks off to find some other tax-funded teat to suckle on. Yep, that's dedication to the cause! God, I loathe these people. Parasites, every one....


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