Tuesday 11 October 2011

Youthful enterprise

12-year-old Tommie Rose from Salford sounds as though he has just the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we need to revive the moribund British economy. But unfortunately he was taking £60 a day selling chocolate bars and fizzy drinks to his schoolmates. Inevitably, this contravened his school’s “healthy eating” policy and so he ended up being suspended.

Now, the school are perfectly within their rights to prohibit trading on school premises, although if his business had been in collectable toys I do wonder whether they would have been so concerned. But, as the school spokesman said, “Activities which undermine our healthy eating policy cannot be tolerated.” Now, where have I heard that kind of sentiment before?

And if the “healthy” school dinners weren’t such unappetising slop, then there might not be the demand for Tommie’s services in the first place.

I also can’t help thinking that the adjective “healthy” has metamorphosed from a description of a state of well-being to a definition of an official ideology of hair-shirted self-denial and restricting oneself to government-approved activities.


  1. “Activities which undermine our healthy eating policy cannot be tolerated.”

    Untermenschen sind unerwunscht!

    Listen to this worthless, spineless lickspittle from Oasis Academy."Whilst we understand the motivation for a bit of entrepreneurialism (sic), we would rather work alongside all students and channel that motivation into an activity that doesn't break the academy rules."

    This cowardly cockwaffle did not have the guts to point out that this future Sir Alan had already been warned, and was simply being punished for not heeding the caution - as he should have done.

    Instead, he reached for the hymnbook of the Righteous.

    This is a family blog, so I'll reserve any further thoughts to my sick, vindictive little mind.

  2. The current generation of children will grow up to believe everything within the state, nothing outside the state - and it will not be a generation of individualist entreprenuers. Thus there will be nobody remaining to fuel independent capitalistic economic activities and by that point, the state can rule every aspect of living, no freedom required or even wanted. It's the perfect recipe for the one-world government communism has always desired.

  3. Shows how little you know, Anon. One world government fascism would be at least as accurate. The desire to control others is not limited to the left of the political spectrum, as Nazi Germany proved. Stalin? Hitler? Mao? Franco? Pinochet? We could debate who was worst, but I can't be bothered as they were all vile.

  4. I blame the internet. There used to be a market for jazz mags, but these days with the internet no kid wants a copy of Razzle.

    Hence the trade in mars bars.

  5. "Shows how little you know, Anon."

    Shows how little you know too.

    Read "Liberal Fascism", Jonah Goldberg, to see just what side of the political spectrum back then was upholding to the famous dictators you list, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Franco, etc. and you will find plenty of leftist fingerprints all over the thing.

    It is entirely 100% footnoted with the exact proof of what the author is saying too, not a bunch of made-up leftist hooey and dogma - but facts.

  6. The left have done brilliantly in casting the Nazis as being a 'far right' party. But when you actually look at their policies, they were hardline socialists. The BNP manifesto shows that they're not 'far right' either. They're a more extreme Labour party in almost all areas, apart from immigration obviously.

  7. Yes, I did a post about Liberal Fascism here.

    At the very least, Fascism and Communism share many antecedents, and can really be seen as two sides of the same totalitarian coin rather than polar opposites.


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