Monday, 17 October 2011

Binge-drink Britain

In a shock revelation, a poll of 101 readers of the Pub Curmudgeon blog showed that, in the past year, 81% had consumed at least 6 pints of beer in a single session, with 35% having drunk a literally staggering 10 pints or more. Don Chancre, Chief Bansturbator of fakecharity Pubs’R’Evil, raged: “This is utterly appalling. Why aren’t these people dead? This only serves to illustrate what a bunch of hypocrites these so-called beer bloggers are when they go on about moderate drinking and yet are happy to condone such disgusting excess!” He then collapsed in a heap, foaming at the mouth, and had to be revived with a refreshing glass of sarsaparilla.


  1. maybe people misread "pints" as "drinks". I think my stomache would burst if I tried to drink more than 8!

  2. I was one of those who clicked "Over 10". I have to admit it isn't very often these days (It was every day once upon a time).

    That said, the problem is with the one size fits all thing, I having quite a high tolerance to alcohol can drink 8 pints without so much as a stagger, the wife otoh has 2 halves of lager and a martini and lemonade and is dancing on the tables (practically) and would be throwing up on the way home.

  3. The only way to halt this is a 5 quid minimum price for these irresponsible pubs.

  4. Nothing to say it had to be done in pubs, Cookie. Demolishing a 12-pack of Fosters while watching the footie on your sofa counts just the same.

    Incidentally, Cookie, better get yourself down to ASDA pronto. How good of the Daily Wail to alert us to these offers.

  5. Going over ten really isn't hard, not for me anyway. Six is normal on a night out.

  6. @Steve Lamond .. have you not heard of a bladder and going to the toilet ?

    In my youth 12 - 14 pints on a Saturday night was commonplace and six pints was going for a quiet drink ...

  7. Last Wednesday it was my brother's birthday. I joined him in the pub in the afternoon and drank 6 pints. Does this make me a bad person? He did a zombie lurch all the way to his place! LOL.

  8. But Mudge, you asked people what was the 'maximum number of pints they've had in one session in the last year'. They could have had one session with ten pints, and not drunk anything for the next few months, you couldn't really call them a binge drinker.

  9. I regularly drink to excess because I am possessed by the devil and I will die very young!

    Via tap-a-pint from The Anglers


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