Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pilgrim’s Progress

In a recent post, I referred to Hereford’s Pilgrim Cider, a new product on the market which makes a donation to Help for Heroes of 10p for each bottle sold. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too impressed, and was taken to task in the comments by Chris Newall.

So, to be fair, I thought I’d sample another bottle. It’s 5.0% ABV and £1.75 for a 500ml bottle at Morrisons, or 4 for £5.50.

In appearance it is clear, a pale straw colour with a very gentle carbonation. The flavour is fairly sweet, with subdued fruitiness and a distinctive, somewhat “floral” note, which is what I previously described as “perfumey”.

I make no claims to any kind of expertise on cider, but this isn’t really to my taste at all. Given that it is supporting a worthy cause I’m sorry I can’t be more enthusiastic.

(And no, I didn’t just drink it this morning...)


  1. Maybe you shouldn't have taken the response to your original posting seriously. A quick Google reveals the responder is Managing Director of the manufacturer.

    And the company prides themselves on making "alchohol bases for the ready to drink market" - i.e. they produce industrial alchohol.

  2. Ooh! The underhand things these capitalists do!

  3. And they can't spell the plural of "perry", ie "perries". "Perry's" indeed!

  4. Well, it was obvious he had a vested interest, but given the fact he'd taken the trouble to reply I thought I should give his product a second try.

  5. Morrisions 4 for £5.50 that's pretty good, whats their beer offering like?

    Perhaps people could email in the best prices from the supermarkets.

    I'll kick in with £3.99 for 3 on Spitfire and Pedegree from Lidl, Tesco was a steep (in my opionion) £1.89 for Broadside.

  6. "Morrisons 4 for £5.50 that's pretty good, whats their beer offering like?"

    It's pretty good - covers maybe about 40 or 50 different beers. Obviously not the really obscure stuff, but it includes, for example, Thwaites Indus IPA, Butcombe Bitter, Batemans XXXB, Brains SA, Old Hooky and Hop Back Summer Lightning.

  7. I'll give them a look, I tend to go to tesco, cause it's the nearest to my house, but the range isn't that good (about 12 ft which it shares with guiness, smoothflow beers, and numerous misc alcopop things like crabbies), despite it being an aircraft hangar scaled shed. There's a bloody football pitch length dedicated to lagers.

    Presumably my neck of the woods doesn't have a profile that encourages a great range.

  8. The beer range in my local Tesco (Stockport) is pretty good too - in particular they have the very nice Hawkshead Lakeland Gold. However, apart from the short-lived 4 for £5 offer I've mentioned before, their offers are a bit hit and miss, and an undiscounted price of £1.89 for beers going down to 3.8% ABV is a bit steep.


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