Sunday, 26 August 2012

Heard at the bar

In one of the dwindling number of proper pubs remaining in Cheshire:

The barmaid mentions that they now have John Smiths on. So one drinker, a few minutes later, says, “Pint of John Smith’s, please.” The barmaid says “It’s on cask, you know.” So he replies, “Hmm, I’ll have Tetley’s, then” – the Tetley’s being smooth.

Guy leaving the pub, dressed in motorcycle leathers and carrying a helmet. Barmaid asks “Do you have a bike, then?” He replies, “No, I just walk around like this for fun.”


  1. Was the barmaid under some strange illusion that cask John Smiths would be a major selling point? I thought this beer had died a death years ago!

  2. The point is that she didn't specify whether it was cask or smooth, and from where he was sitting this customer couldn't see the pump.

    Cask John Smith's is quite common around here and, IMV, a considerably better pint than some might give it credit for.

  3. I'd agree that, surprisingly, John Smiths Cask isn't as bad as the smoothflow version would lead you to expect. I've seen a punter in Southport ask for smoothflow Tetley Bitter and pull a face when told it was only on cask.

  4. It takes all sorts to make a world.

    It is possible that some like smooth bitter and god forbid don't like cask.

    Free country eh?

  5. Your point, CL? Why can't I recount a short anecdote without one of your sarcastic put-downs? I'm merely exercising free speech, not advocating a smoothflow ban.

  6. Martin, Cambridge4 September 2012 at 22:09

    I'm with you on John Smiths. A superb pint in many pubs where volumes still hold up. There were some fabulous JS-only locals between Rotherham and Doncaster where elderly women ordering a "pint of Johns" was common. Only the Prince of Wales in Grasborough seems to have survived the Beer Guide fad for guest beers.

    The loss of Magnet was much more tragic than the brewery closures of recent years.

  7. Love it :) Some interesting comments too.


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