Saturday, 18 August 2012

Last orders please!

The current poll asking for your views on the issue of smoking in pubs and bars is coming to a close – I plan to take it down around midday tomorrow. It has already comfortably exceeded the number of responses gained by the identical poll last August but, whatever your view, don’t miss the opportunity to make your voice heard.


  1. Not much point on your site with it's regulars being the way they are in their pre ordaned opinions
    To many ,as long as their own cosy
    fresh and frisky tavern is OK
    Last week I had a tete a tete with a local Labour stalwart froth sniffer who expressed conern at the dying pub trade in Ashton under Lyne
    No No No nothing at all to do with the Total Smoking Ban
    Its the TORY beer taxes that are crippling the pubs he sceamed.
    So why bother,we will just have wait untill reason returns

    anon (its safer)

  2. Hmm, I think you will find Labour started the alcohol duty escalator. Although, as far as drinkers are concerned, one is just as bad as the other - the Coagulation have simply picked up where Labour left off.

  3. @anon

    You were clearly bullied at school. Still clinging to your Mummy's apron strings for not having the courage of your conviction to be publicly 'open' about it. It's 'safer' my arse. Your cowardly sort make me despair

    Duncan Binks - Tiverton

  4. @anon once more
    Sorry Duncan,
    I stood up to be counted for 30 years in the Unions,all I got was, stabbed in the back
    Anyway those who post their names dont seem to have much to say
    I also learned to keep my head down behind the Berlin Wall for
    obvious reasons
    Staying "safe" ,too many narks on these blogg sites

    Chin Chin and Cheers
    ANON Mk2


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