Monday, 18 July 2011

Sports Personality of the Year

He’s the wrong side of forty, has grey hair and a bit of a paunch, admits to liking a pint or three, and has been spotted enjoying a crafty fag on the fairway. Yes, it’s Darren Clarke, 2011 Open Champion. What an inspiration to us all! I’m sure he celebrated well last night. When so many sportsmen and women come across as dull, prissy, self-obsessed bores, he seems to actually have a personality.


  1. Who said that golf "spoils a good walk" If I were to be given the job of finding a picture that portrayed bliss coupled with normality it would be of Darren Clarke taken about an hour after the presentation.

  2. Good day for Guinness. What a fantastic free advert.
    Many golfers smoke during major tournaments, but it is usually kept of the TV. Don't know what came over the BBC.

  3. CM: I agree entirely. He comes across as a real person, not a self-absorbed publicity seeker or psychobabbler.

  4. "dull, prissy, self-obsessed bore" - sounds like Andy Murray. And he hasn't won a Major yet.

  5. Did you see this, on the same subject? Class. :)


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