Friday 19 August 2011

Float or sink?

October 1st will see two significant legislative changes affecting the British brewing industry and pub trade. In both cases, it’s difficult to predict exactly what the impact will be. The first is the new beer duty regime, with 50% duty for beers of 2.8% ABV or below, and 125% duty for beers above 7.5%. And the second is the introduction of the two-thirds pint “schooner” measure. Will these measures radically change things, or will they prove a pair of damp squibs? Heineken UK have announced that they will be making a big push on two-thirds glasses. Given that they campaigned for the change, you can see them featuring prominently in BrewDog’s bars, where they may be well-suited to the relatively strong beers on sale. But will they really take off in the general pub trade, or will it be a case of the H. M. Bateman cartoon of “the man who asked for a schooner in the Gungesmearers’ Arms”?


  1. Or maybe not. See my blog.

  2. Damp squib is my prediction. I think it's telling that Heineken are using them as promotional tools for its lesser brands, but aren't bothering for the big guns such as Fosters and John Smiths.

  3. Is the schooner a cunning plan to get women to buy more beer?


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