Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Pub pet peeves

The fallow period between Christmas and New Year inevitably gives rise to various diversions, one of which is the making of lists. One of these that cropped up on Twitter this week was listing five things that annoyed you beyond all reason. I couldn’t avoid the temptation to answer specifically for pubs, and indeed eventually stretched it to fifteen.

These were a couple of other good ones: But, of course, not wanting to be entirely negative, I have in the past come up with a list of ten things I’d like to see in a good pub. Pub cat and Bass of course feature.


  1. Food served on slate plates. Chips served in miniature wire baskets.

  2. Karaoke.
    Children running about (particularly common in The Imperial, Exeter).
    Foul mouthed customers.
    Reserved tables which are empty when you arrive and still empty when you leave.

  3. Don't sweat it, there'll be fewer of them in a month. This is shake out month for the weak pubs.

  4. - Discovering a great beer in a micropub, then finding that they never have it on again due do their ever-changing rotation of beers.
    - Smokers in the entrance doorway, which, by pressure difference fills the pub with the smell of fags worse than it ever did when smoking was allowed inside the pub.
    - Freezing cold Guinness. No other sort is available in pubs any more.
    - Extra fizzy beer and the taste of the propellant gas.

  5. Tasters - or to be more precise and based on my experience yesterday, being stuck at the bar behind a couple of CAMRA nerds who want a taster of all of the beers on offer (6, which amounts to about half a pint of free beer) and stand there and discuss the brewery and taste of the beer while all you want to do IS GET SERVED


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