Saturday, 28 May 2016

Happy hours

A while back, I did a poll about what times people went to the pub. The results were really just a confirmation of the obvious so, as suggested in the comments, I created a more in-depth survey of people’s weekday pubgoing habits from Monday to Friday. I have to admit to letting this drift a bit over a few weeks, but, even so, there have been 55 responses in total.

Again it shows that people are going to pubs more often at lunchtimes from Monday to Thursday than is often supposed. Friday teatime was the most popular session of all, and beat any evening. Thursday evening was, perhaps surprisingly, slightly busier than Friday. The least popular session was Monday teatime. Teatimes and evenings built up steadily through the week, while lunchtimes showed more fluctuation.

In total, 49% of respondents had visited a pub at lunchtime, 64% at teatime and 76% in the evening.

Anyway, here are the figures in detail for you to mull over. The percentages shown in the graph are a touch misleading, as they are percentages of the number of people responding to that category rather than to the survey as a whole.

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