Sunday, 14 October 2012

Casketeer or crafterati?

Which are you? What do you think of some of the most popular cask beers in Britain? Is cask good, or only some cask? Are popular beers always bad? Take the survey here.


  1. "Is cask good, or only some cask?"

    Is there anyone out there who actually thinks every cask ale ever produced is good?

    Other popular beers are Carlsberg and Fosters. Am I a snob if I admit to not liking either of those very much either?

  2. The trouble is, it really does depend on the pub. I've actually had some fine pints of Bombardier, but I bet most people taking the survey think it's dull. And I live in West London, where the Pride is generally pretty good.

    Doom Bar, mind...

  3. The Marble Arch in Manchester has added another set of keg fonts. i was in there last week and mostly the cask beer was excellent but I tried the Dutch Emelisse DIPA keg which stood up well in comparison and was better than the 7% cask Physics which was pretty mediocre.

  4. That was harder than it looked. Spitfire and Deuchars IPA have always been dull when I've had them, Landlord and Doom Bar always good; everything else was a bit of a judgment call. (I know everyone hates DB, but there you go - I've only ever had it in Cornwall, though.)

  5. Complicated. You have to tick all the beers, and I've never seen some of them, and some I haven't tried for years.

    Still, the beers I could tick were only either 'OK' or 'dull'. Good job I handed my casketeer badge back...

  6. "Is there anyone out there who actually thinks every cask ale ever produced is good?"

    Richard English, perhaps?

  7. is this question simply one of "which kind of twat are you?"


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