Sunday, 28 October 2012

Not in front of the children

The latest absurd outbreak of political correctness is that an organic bottle-conditioned beer produced by former F1 racing driver Jody Scheckter has been banned by the Portman Group because the label includes a child’s drawing, so the beer is alleged to “appeal to children”. I thought that “Challenge 75” was supposed to deal with the problem of underage purchases. Next they’ll be complaining about Badger ales featuring winsome animals.

Anyway, plain packaging for alcohol will resolve all these issues...


  1. Pity; it was quite a nice label.

  2. Write to:

  3. Its also a great example of the kind of poor labelling that is so common in the real ale market. Amateurish labels suggests beer barely a step up from homebrew, and it containing absolutely no information about the beer inside whatsoever that might possibly make you consider trying it. "Organic real ale, 5.0%" tells you virtually nothing. What colour is it? What does it taste like? You'd think a brewer would be proud enough of something like that to tell you.

  4. Looks like lager in the farmers hand on the childs drawing, not dark pongy muck. Trades descriptions act?

  5. I see that Mr Scheckter is planning to challenge the ruling. I hope he succeeds and shows these so-called "watchdog" bodies up for the waste of time, space and money that they undoubtedly are.


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